Email Marketing in the Hawkesbury

A cost efficient and effective way to communicate to local and non local customers.

Email Marketing

Why do email marketing?

I'm glad you asked that loaded question, it really helps me continue on with the rest of this page.

Email Marketing is more than just sending a lot of emails.

Email Marketing is more than just sending a lot of emails and just hoping that someone reads something and then tells their friend that thing.

Email Marketing is really powerful, we use a few different systems that analyse the emails to the nth degree. Probably more than you need. But that's good, because it will do everything you need and more!

When you send an email with fun/serious, the email marketing program will know who opened the email, when they opened it, what they used to open it, where they were when they opened it, how many times they opened it, what links they clicked, when they clicked them, how many times they clicked them and pretty much know what they are wearing, what they are thinking and how you can use that to make your next email even more targeted.

Pretty clever stuff. Want to know more?