Whenever we talk about feasibility in terms of apps management and provision, there is only one android market on which we can rely and without it, some specific tasks can’t be done smoothly i.e Google Apps. It is one of the best all-in-one email solutions nowadays, for your business, educational and personal use. In this article, we will be discussing the reason behind the global recognition and popularity of Google Apps.

Google Apps

Google Apps is one of the most intelligent apps in Google’s suite. It was initially recognised as G Suite, but later it has been widened up and given the name Google Apps for your Domain being rebranded in 2008. Google Apps or G Suite is primarily recommended by most of the tech researchers for the people who need email hosting for their business or educational need.

Why Google Apps is popular?


Google apps is popular worldwide because it can be used for almost anything whether in your business, for your educational need or in your daily life.

For educational purposes

In most of the educational organizations, Google apps are used by the teachers for more effective learning. Teachers can create several opportunities to help students learn, by giving them administrative tasks and challenging them to do critical thinking, without any hindrance of dataflow. Google Apps has a wide range of educational tools but these tools work better together, helping both teacher and student. With the help of educational apps like Classroom, teachers can manage assignments and curriculum of the students, assess them and can provide instant feedback to polish their areas of improvement.

For business

In order to flourish your business, you need some easy-to-deal apps which can help you manage important documents as well as employees, their work hours, task reminders, document makers, etc. Google Apps provides everything you need in just one package i-e connect, create, access and control application. The connect apps can help you reach your colleagues, you can talk to them from wherever they are through apps like Gmail, Calendar, Currents, Hangout chats, etc. The create package includes all the apps you need to create projects to impress your client, this tool includes Google Docs, Sheets, Forms, Slides, Sites, App Maker. The access package stores the projects you need instantly and helps you find them as well. It includes Drive, Google Cloud Search. Google Apps are the most important tool nowadays for all your business and storage solutions.

Ease of use

Another reason behind the popularity of Google Apps is, for a cloud-based office suite it is one of the most powerful online platforms, which means that the admin controls and interfaces provided by them are easy to use. Also, you can access and find those interfaces simply from a “desktop link”. Also, with the help of Google Apps’ offline mode, you can work on Google Docs, Sheets even without an internet connection providing the same functionalities, working locally and saving to the cloud later. Google apps also allow you to give access to your document to multiple users by collaborating with them through direct links for editing and sharing, The Hangout app and Google Voice allows video calls, voice calls and SMS messaging.


Due to its controlled price, Google Apps is the major preference of most of the people for their personal use. Its packages start at $8.40 AUD per month for a basic license and the fact that it’s a little cheaper is an added bonus, including unlimited cloud storage. Due to less cost rate, it is the most popular market these days.