Fun Serious Creative Agency

Your next web designer.

About fun/serious, well, about Ben.

I have been creating websites since 1998. Started off in the big dot com bubble, doing simple HTML, CSS and started my serious coding in ASP when that was a thing. I then jumped around to .Net C# and PHP. This was mostly in big agencies with really large budgets, it was great, back when ubid and ebay were going head to head and most people learned how to get into CSS with GeoCities.

I also started my first business called Octate Multimedia which was mostly dealing with custom built websites in HTML and PHP.

After many years, I decided to settle on WordPress web design and development as a lot of us Hawkesbury locals don’t need all the extra coding (and expense) of fully custom .Net, Python or Laravel programmed websites.

I do code in Both Laravel and Vue, but usually for more complicated app development.

What I really enjoy is local business development, watching Richmond businesses that I have helped build their brand and make their sales is what really drives me forward, and recently I have branched out to include all of the Hawkesbury as we’re all in the same boat.

I love it when you succeed so get in contact today!

Apart from web design, marketing, graphic design and business development, I’m a FireFighter with FRNSW at Richmond Fire Station.

If you see the 082 pump with lights on, flying down the road, I’ll more than likely be in there giving dirty looks to people not pulling over and smiling and waving at your kids!

I’ll also do my best to save your house if it ever catches fire.