Are you one of those people who have always wanted to create a website but don’t know where to start? Or do you think of it as a time taking task?

In this article, you will learn how to create a website and all the necessary information about the things you need to start your website!

Get a domain name

The first thing that you’ll need when starting is the domain name of your website. A domain name is basically the address that visitors will use to connect to your website. You can simply go to some popular domain name providers online to get a custom domain name. Example of domain name:

Get a business email address

After your desired domain name, you need to get an email address for your business needs. Email addresses like or are termed as unprofessional, especially when starting a business as people don’t often trust websites having email addresses like these. For that, you need to get a business email address. As researchers say that most of the people visiting your site will know more about you for the first time through your business email address. So, if you are serious to gain customers and to grow your business, get a business email address with your website domain name. You can easily use your domain name to create a business email like

Get website hosting

After you get your custom domain name and business email address, you have to search for a host to hold your site. The work of a website host is similar to a storage unit as it allows your website content to reside online. So, whenever your domain name is entered in a web browser, the content of your site is fetched by your website host. Now, most people ask is what type of website hosting should we choose for our website to which the answer is it depends upon the visitors coming to your website. fun/serious has flexi-hosting. $300 a year will sort you out.

Build your website

After the selection of the host, you have to design your website to make it look catchy and professional enough to gain visitors and convert then into customers. Successful websites have templates built around the interest and interaction of your audience, that is why we recommend you to start with deciding on what you need your website to achieve and build your site, test what works and what you need in your website design.

Track your visitors

After the setup, you will need Google Analytics to grow the number of visitors each year. You need to understand the interaction of visitors on your site, specifically about their timings, visiting rate, etc. This kind of data helps you to understand your visitors and can help you improve the quality of content on your site.