There are a lot of different eCommerce solutions out there, but the question remains. Why is WooCommerce better than Shopify and other platforms?

If you read on, you’ll find out.

It’s costs less

It is cheaper! No monthly fees, no percentage grab on sales, once your online store is up and running, you pretty much only pay for hosting, and your payment gateway charges.

Fun fact

If you use Shopify and PayPal, they charge a percentage of the sale price on top of the PayPal percentage, and on top of their already monthly cost to host the store, it’s crazy, isn’t it?

It’s also more flexible

With so many plugins, WooCommerce runs on the back of WordPress so you get the added flexibility of all the plugins that WordPress already offers, but as an online store, you also have easy to install marketing and sales funnel etc. Most are free or at a one off cost depending on the plugin choice.

Fun fact

Shopify offers a smaller range, and usually on a monthly subscription basis.

It looks better

The homepage, store and cart sections are very similar on both Shopify and WordPress. Shopify even uses themes, (a bit like WordPress) but this is only on the homepage. As soon as you wish to add an ‘About us’, ‘Services’, ‘Contact Us’ or a blog post, Shopify doesn’t understand the command. It would need a special custom code as the software isn’t built for those capabilities and requires special plugins.

On the other hand, WooCommerce uses WordPress, so you get the freedom, flexibility and beauty that WordPress offers.

It is more SEO friendly

With all the SEO plugins, your WooCommerce site is going to out perform other plugins any day of the week.

You have the option to use WooCommerce or Shopify, I am experienced in both. If you would like to experience one and then decide to go with the other, I can still help. Although I strongly recommend using WooCOmmerce based on its capabilities, I am still able to build an online store via Shopify if that is your preference.