Every year brings along with it something new and unique to designing. And if not new, then old patterns and trends are given a new twist. 2020 has been a challenging year for everyone and it has brought a lot of economic and financial changes because of the coronavirus pandemic. These changes have even found their way into the design industry. Everything from interior design to fashion design and graphic design has been effected and renewed because of the pandemic.

Let’s go through a few styles to get an idea of what has changed.

Inspired by nature

In 2020, people have spent most of their time at home. The lockdown has brought about a deep longing in people to go out and explore. However, that was impossible and it may be so in 2021 as well due to the second wave of coronavirus this winter. Due to this need to belong to nature and missing it, green has found its way more into the design trends, as well as other elements, such as floral patterns and leaves.


Throughout 2020, people were sitting in their homes and decluttering them. This led to minimalism designs also getting into the trends. Whether it is for sculptures or graphic design patterns on printed posters, websites, or other printed material such as bags with graphic designs, minimal designs will remain in the trends of 2021 too.

Painterly styles

The importance of art in 2020 has been realised and will continue to boom in 2021. Painterly strokes and fine art styles have a positive impact on mental health, which has catered to the negativity that this year has brought. Hence this trend will also be around in 2021.

Comics and vintage

One design trend that will never go out of style is comics and vintage art. Batman, Joker and a whole different world of other characters are always in the trend. This is because people can find something to relate to these characters. The various graphic designs created for comic books are easily and successfully used within non-comic designs.

Representative art

One aspect of modern art and design trends is the power to evoke emotions and represent a certain cause. Movements like ‘black lives matter’ or even art inspired by the coronavirus pandemic and its effects, is one example of such representative art.

To wrap up

And when it comes to colours, nature-related colours especially a calming sky blue would be trending in contrast to others. The use of neutral colours is also expected to rise in 2021, as it did in 2020, to create a more harmonious environment. These colours would include toned down greens, browns, black, grey and white.

The above are just a few styles that have been in the design trends in 2020 mostly due to the coronavirus and the effects that the lockdown have brought on people. There are other styles too such as futurism and surrealism, which don’t have to do much with the coronavirus pandemic but have been in the trends in 2020 and are expected to carry on in 2021 too.