The online world has only become more necessary ever since the coronavirus took over. Having said that, Google has been making a lot of updates to its workspace. Google Workspace is not just limited to businesses, but it targets customers and organisations of all kinds. From large enterprises to college students, the objective of Google Workspace is to make productivity easy and fast for people of all ages and backgrounds. As per the recent update of Google, all their productivity apps falling under Google Workspace, such as Calendar, Drive, Docs, Sheets, Slides and Meet. Here are a few updates that Google has recently made to its Workspace, formerly known as G-suite.


If you’re building your website with Google, then you can now make a lot of adjustments in how your text looks. And not just any text, but the Google type-in box. The customisation will make it easier for some paragraphs to stand out. Google has also announced that the next year, themes will be added. This will make it easier for Google workspace users to choose and customise font styles and colours on every web page, made specifically on Google sites.

Comment Feature

All the online Google docs and services such as drive, sheets and slides will feature an all-new comment interface, which will be available and apparent on all types of devices. While the comment feature has previously existed, the brand new interface has been retouched to make it larger. Moreover, the comments can also be seen regarding the context or reference being made in the document. Almost all these interfaces are being updated for iOS, in particular, to ensure cross-compatibility. Shortcuts have also been added to give easier and faster responses to comments.

Imported Documents

Conversion of imported PDFs has now become better. Google has worked on the proper displaying of images, along with how the text wrapped around it is viewed. Previous distortions in underlined and text that had been strike through, background colour and fonts have been fixed.

Google Meet Attendance

Keeping in light of how much people have used Google Meet this year in the wake of the pandemic, Google’s new workspace has made the attendance system much easier to follow. The attendance reports can be downloaded and made available to everyone.

Scheduling Events Directly from Google Chat

Mention the date and time in Google Chat, and you can directly schedule it on the Google Calendar events, from within the Google chat interface.

Pinning Conversations on Google Chat

Pin an important conversation to make sure it remains on top on the sidebar of your Gmail, where Google chats appear right beneath the rest of the folders.

Office Cross-Collaboration

On the iOS, editing for all Microsoft files on Google Workspace has been improved. Google has announced that the way things are stored on Docs, Sheets and the rest of the productivity apps will change in 2021. In the coming year, we are expecting Google will add more features and make its workspace even more advanced, as the world becomes more and more dependent upon online productivity apps and business.

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