To design a logo that fits in with your company’s brand image, you will need to ask yourself the following to help fulfil the brief:

● Who is your company?

● What is your industry?

● What is the motto or mission statement of your company?

● Who are your competitors?

● What have these brands done with their logos?

If your website has not been created yet, all this information needs to be thought out before throwing designs into the ring. You will need to understand the purpose of the company in order to design a logo that fits in with your branding.

What makes the brand different? Brainstorm your logo design ideas!

You need to focus on what makes you and your company different. Your competitive strategy will allow you to design a logo that is better than others in the same field.

Think about the words related to the brand that you are designing the logo for. These words have to be descriptive and they can include the feeling that you wish to incite in the audience or the target market of that brand.

To make brainstorming words easier, think about the customer feedback you would like to receive against your brand.

During your brainstorming session, get into the shoes of your audience, think about their age and their interests.

What does the majority of the audience in your target market like to do?

It is good practice to get feedback on this even during a brainstorming session. After researching the target market of this particular brand, you can invite similar people to have a look at the words and ideas you generate during the brainstorming. You can even get these people to do their own respective brainstorming sessions, as in this way you will get many ideas from people outside the brand and you might even find inspiration in your designs for the brief.

You may wish to conduct further research and look up logos of companies that operate in the same category. For instance, if you are designing a logo for an environmental brand, green would typically be the colour that comes to your mind.

Let’s go through the different types of logos you can design:

Logo styles.

Pictorial logos

These logos do not consist of any written content. It’s good practice to use universally popular iconography for this type.

Lettermark logos

Lettermark logos are good for companies who use their abbreviations for business purposes. Usually, this is done a lot by big corporations in the media industry, consider news channels for instance or newspaper corporations. This type of design or logo is preferred by people who love minimalism.

This is not the logo to go for if you want to be more expressive about a brand.

Wordmark logos

Compared to lettermark logos, wordmarks only make use of the company name. As there are no pictures involved, you will need to use the appropriate typography to convey the emotional value and mission of the company through the logo.

Abstract Logo

An abstract logo is a non typical logo, it can be a geometric symbol or a curve. This type of logo has a modern touch to it and can work a lot conveying mood and emotional value behind the image and brand of a company.

For this type of logo to work, you will need to understand the universal meaning behind the symbols you are using.

These are some of the main styles for logo design. Some designers even fuse multiple styles together to create an entirely new one! As long as it fits the brief and the branding then fusion can work.

Design Styles

For a design style to be successful and effective, you will need to combine it with the appropriate colour choice.

Design styles can be minimalism, modernism, expressionism and so on. These styles can be easily found in art and design subjects. It is effective to create logos in different styles. You can then showcase these designs to your client and they can have an array to choose from. For example, your client may prefer the minimal one over an abstract one you created.

 Never skip vital research when you’re designing a logo for your brand. Understanding all the core characteristics of your business will help you create a brand-centric logo catered to your needs.

Designing a logo can be a bit overwhelming, so if you’re stuck It’s better to get a designer to do all the work. If you are looking for logo designer, then look no further, fun/serious provides logo design as part of the graphic design service offering.