Designers are creative and talented people who are possessed with the knowledge and ability to create engaging and remarkable designs. This is why designers are a critical member of the content development and marketing team. However, many people struggle to get the best out of their designers only because they don’t know the right tactics. With this article, we are sharing the ways to get the best out of your designer! Think of this as an early Christmas present!

What are you trying to achieve?

First of all, you need to determine what you are trying to achieve with your designers. For instance, you can create a designer or creative brief. Make sure that the brief has the minor details mentioned for completing the project. If you haven’t thought out the project, it’s only unfair to think that a designer will handle everything. So, make sure that you outline what needs to be done about the project, and asking the following questions will help;
  • Who is your audience?
  • What are your goals and expectations for the design project?
  • What is the vision?
  • Which problems do you want to solve with the design?

Provide the constraints and parameters

It’s evident that meetings need to be held with the designers. However, in those meetings, it’s important to discuss what shouldn’t be included in the design, such as fonts, photos, and colours. In addition, you need to mention the pet peeves and deal-breakers ahead of time to ensure the designs come out as you want them to.

Be clear about the process

If you have to seek approval for the design from the committee and there is no approved decision-maker, it’s better to let everyone know the design process. Make sure that you are clear about the design process and every stakeholder of the process is aware of the process components. Keep in mind that if you keep the details in hiding, it will only put off the designer and elongate the designing process.

Trust the designer

If you have already hired the designer, it’s obvious that you saw something promising in them. However, in many cases, we try to change the designers and their creative process. Remember that designing is a process and craft. If your designer is selecting some specific colours, typefaces, and page setup, understand the primary reason behind them. Keep in mind that designer understands colour psychology, so trust their process.

Provide feedback

When it comes down to getting the best out of the designer, it’s important that you provide detailed, honest, and constructive feedback to the designer. To begin with, no one likes to have their craft picked up and criticised in a negative manner. So, make sure that the feedback is positive, and don’t forget to praise the positive components of the design. Also, if you have issues or questions with the design, make sure you tell your designer the reason behind it. In simpler words, you need to tell “why” you don’t like something in the design and be to the point.

To wrap up

I hope that this has helped your understand how better to interact with your designer, help guide you through the process and together we will be able to make something great that you’re after. And remember, you can’t design a feeling.