Be it WordPress or Squarespace, both of them are famous as website builders, which allow the users to create the website without any programming and technical skills. Similarly, both of them have amazing marketing, making them popular in the website building industry, but WordPress remains the most used website building platform, and we are sharing why it’s a better choice than Squarespace!

Ease of use

It’s needless to say that business owners and website beginners aren’t aware of CSS, HTML, Javascript, Laravel, Python, React, Redux, Vue, Angular, or any other iteration of these libraries to create websites.

No one needs that when building a standard website. So, you’re looking for a platform that eases website development without hiring a professional developer. Having said that, WordPress is a promising choice as it helps start the blog and create a DIY website.

In fact, around 32% of the websites are designed and powered by WordPress.

 Having said THAT, WordPress is an easy-to-use and intuitive platform, and all you need is a bit of a learning curve. Moreover, there are multiple plugins and themes to ease your website development, while the content editor is easy to use. In fact, there are custom blocks to add different elements to the page and add a unique touch to every element.

Squarespace is simple, but you won’t have a lot of plugin or design options, creating a limited success when trying to build your site.
WordPress is simple, it can get complicated, but with a lot of plugins, themes and design options, website success is greater.


WordPress is a free platform which means you can download, build, and utilize the website creation features for free. WordPress is basically an open-source software and has a GPL that delivers control and freedom. However, it’s obvious that you need to register the domain and opt for the web hosting account. The users can select between different hosting plans but shared hosting is a more reliable option for small businesses and personal websites. As far as the domain and hosting costs are concerned, they vary with the website level. Moreover, there are hundreds and thousands of plugins and templates available.


Squarespace is a paid plan which starts from a $22 to $61 monthly subscription that can add up to the cost.

WordPress is free, but you do pay your regular hosting fees, eg: fun/serious hosts from $25 a month.

Templates and design

It’s needless to say that both WordPress and Squarespace provide predesigned templates to ease website development. With WordPress, there are hundreds and thousands of free as well as paid templates available. The templates are customizable, so you can play with the colors, layouts and graphics. In addition, there are various layout choices, sliders, and drag-and-drop page builders. In simpler words, you will have a lot of options with the templates available. On the contrary, Squarespace has predesigned templates, but there are extremely limited (they might be less than a hundred). So, this is another reason why WordPress takes leverage over Squarespace.
Squarespace has maybe a hundred limited themes.
Wordpress has thousands of themes with almost unlimited options.

Integrations and plugins

WordPress has a massive availability of integrations and plugins. The plugins act as an app for the website, which allows the users to add new features to the website.

Currently, WordPress has more than 54,000 free plugins available, and there are more premium plugins as well. On the other hand, Squarespace really lags behind since there are no powerful APIs out there, and the availability of plugins is very limited.

Squarespace lacks useful and powerful plugins.
Google “ WordPress” and you’ll probably find what you’re looking for!
To summarise, these are only a few reasons why WordPress is better than Squarespace. So, which web builder will you choose? adn how can fun/serious help you when your choose WordPress!