Every business needs a professional and well-designed logo, and for those who don’t know, a logo can actually make or break your business. Many businesses in the Hawkesbury think that they can design their own logo, but it’s not the right approach if you aren’t aware of the design process. On the other hand, a professional graphic designer, like fun/serious will help make a logo that reflects your brand, products, values, and industry. For the most part, many people design their own logo to save costs, but you will end up getting frustrated when the logo won’t turn in sales. So, if you are still looking for reasons why you shouldn’t design your own logo, here are 5 reasons listed in the article below!

1. Unprofessional look & feel

This is the most common pitfall whenever someone designs their own logo – you only end up with an amateur logo. Keep in mind that a business logo should be professional.

It’s essential to understand that the logo is not only an attractive icon because creating one requires scientific, artistic, and technical knowledge.

A professional graphic designer will be able to create a sophisticated and sleek logo that can be associated with your company. Make sure that logo is well-designed to ensure the customers have a correct perception of the brand. In addition, professional logo designers have an array of software to create the logo, so it can be applied in various formats, such as social media, signage, websites, and more.

2. Ineffective or bad design

Another reason why you must not create your own logo is that you might not know the best design for your brand logo. For the most part, people think that tweaking some predesigned logo is alright, but that approach isn’t going to take you anywhere.

On the other hand, if you hire a professional logo designer, he/she will understand your brand needs and design the logo accordingly. In addition, a professional designer will be able to provide the best options to choose the logos from. Not to forget, they create concepts for your logo so it fully represents the brand.

3. Wrong fonts & colours

When you DIY a logo, there are high chances that you will choose the wrong fonts and colours.

Keep in mind that the font and colour are the two most fundamental elements of a successful logo. Having said that, a professional logo designer will have full expertise in colour theory to ensure the logos are correct and are properly designed to represent the brand.

The professional designer understands the value of fonts and colours that match your business, so all elements work in compliance to promote your brand. Having said that, a professional will use the correct fonts and colours appropriately to create the logo that helps show off the company and its respective products/services.

4. Missed message

Whenever you DIY the logo, you simply miss the opportunity to share the brand message to the target audience. However, a professional designer will be able to curate the logo that reflects your brand message and values.

5. Limited application

A DIY logo will never be versatile – it’s evident that the logo needs to be applied at various places, such as business cards, social media, billboards, and more. Having said that, a professional logo designer will know how to create a logo that’s applicable for various purposes and platforms, which isn’t possible with your DIY logos, for example, a normal professional logo stack will include a matrix of:


  1. Full colour logo
  2. All white logo
  3. All black logo
  4. Vertical version
  5. Horizontal version
  6. Vector version
  7. Rasterized version
  8. Transparent background

To wrap up

If this is something that you haven’t thought about enough, get in contact with fun/serious today. Not only will a professional logo look good, it will help make sales and invoke trust that your business is better than the competitions.

NB: All logos used on this page are not owned or designed by fun/serious. Please do not try to replicate these logos and although they are terrible they are owned by someone!