Business operations are often challenging, especially when you are operating on digital paradigms since they are constantly changing and have extreme competition. That being said, content marketing tools can surely help businesses improve their business strategic implementation. So, if your business is struggling in the content department, we are sharing the top five content marketing tools!

Keywords Everywhere

If you are trying to rank higher in the search engine results, it’s impossible if you don’t use the correct keywords in the content. Keyword research is actually pretty challenging, but this tool is a promising way of extracting the right keywords. This is actually a Chrome extension that allows the users to see the CPC, competition, and volume of the keyword in the Google search interface. Keyword Everywhere Extension is a reliable way of discovering new keywords while browsing the internet. In addition, it allows the users to identify the SEO stats of specific websites. It’s needless to say that it can ease your keyword research experience.


If content managers have one job, it’s to be creative as well as analytical at the same time. (yeah yeah, that’s two jobs) However, that’s only possible when you have access to the right data. What is the correct data? Content managers need to have proper insights about the products, brand, niche, industry, influencers, and competitors.

By having proper insights, the content managers will be able to identify result-oriented and relevant articles, better-performing articles, and trending topics. For this purpose, as a content manager, you can use Mention.

How do you get the right data? Mention is a social listening and media monitoring tool that allows content managers to get better insights into social performance and brand awareness. So, go out and find relevant influencers!


If you are a content marketer, you would know the importance of identifying the competitors and their activities. It’s often challenging to identify the competitors in offline work, but Buzzsumo is making it easier in the digital world. This tool can be used to identify the best-performing content on specific keywords on the internet, including social media platforms. The users can also analyse the content to determine which elements put the content at the top.


Tapinfluence is known as a community platform for influencers and bloggers. It is known to bring different brands, creators, and influencers to one place with the help of actionable and meaningful content. It also allows the users to reshape the content and the right way of delivering it to the readers. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that it allows the content marketers to develop and implement the influencer marketing campaign and track the performance of the content.

ProProfs Chat

As a content marketer, it’s high time that you start leveraging the strength of live chat for business websites if that’s your thing. ProProfs Chat is a promising tool that allows website owners to connect/chat with the website visitors and assist them. On top of that, the chat history can be analysed to understand the customers’ queries, so you can create the content accordingly.
To wrap up, being a content marketer is not a bed of roses, and handling content can be frustrating. So, ditch the hard ways and make your life easier with the content marketing tools mentioned in this post!