Every site is vulnerable to hacking attempts including WordPress sites. WordPress sites are hacked commonly because it is the largest and most popular website builder worldwide. So, there are millions of websites that use WP and thus hackers do find ways to target sites that are less secure and exploit them. In this article, we will explain a few reasons why WP sites get hacked and how to make your websites more secure.

1. Insecure Web Hosting

WordPress websites like any other website are hosted on web servers. Some companies do not have secure hosting and thus, the websites hosted on these platforms are vulnerable to hackers. This can be remedied by carefully choosing a hosting provider that is safe and effectively blocks attacks against your website. Another thing we recommend is to use managed WP hosting provider to go the extra mile in terms of security.

2. Not Updating WordPress

As updates are sometimes quite heavy, users often worry that installing an update will break their website. Every update that is introduced fixes some security or other issues that were identified in the previous versions. If you don’t update WordPress, then you are in fact leaving your website for all types of hackers out there. If you fear that installing updates will harm your site, you can first make a backup and then install the update. If the update breaks down your site you can easily restore the previous version.

3. Unprotected Access to WP Admin

The WordPress admin area allows users to perform different actions on your website. This is the most popular attack area among hackers. Hackers try different approaches to harm your site. This problem can be taken care of by adding layers of authentication in your WP admin directory. This will limit hacking attempts to a great degree. Another step you can take to increase security is to use password protection in the WP admin area. This will add an extra layer of security. For websites that have multiple authors, strong passwords can be used for added security.

4. Not Updating plugins and themes

As mentioned above, the core WordPress websites need to be updated, similarly, plugins and themes also need to be updated. Security flaws are often discovered in plugins and themes and updates are made to patch up those security risks. So, themes and plugins should be regularly updated as well.

5. Insecure Themes and Plugins

Some websites distribute paid WP plugins or themes for free. Users are often tempted to use these plugins. Getting plugins from unreliable sources is very dangerous for your website. They can compromise security as well as leak sensitive information. That is why it is always suggested to use official WP repositories or trustworthy developers only. If you are on a budget and can’t afford to purchase these products then stick to free plugins that are equally good as the paid alternatives. Another option is to be on the lookout for deals for these themes and plugins and get the paid versions for half the price.