With multiple shifts in the corporate world, online presence has become an essential factor for businesses to optimise the desired results. This has encouraged the businesses to develop a website; however, it needs to have lead qualification capabilities. During the journey of coining the online presence, every business struggles with the promotion and Google ranking. For every business, there are two streams to enhance the online visibility; SEO or AdWords. Without a thorough strategic and growth plan, it is a wrong approach to stick with one choice because a congregation of factors must be considered. For every business, the impacting factors are diverse, given the unique business objectives, timeline limitations, and budgetary constraints. If the in-depth strategies aren’t ensured, it can not only cost time but the money as well.

Through this article, we are trying to foster an understanding of SEO and AdWords and the right time to implement them to ensure optimised results and maximum productivity.

Google AdWords

The big words like AdWords, CPC, campaigns, PPC, and bids are very common in the digital marketing field, and if some novice enters the field, one is liable to feel buzzed with the information. So, Google AdWords is a platform developed by Google to provide a medium through which businesses can sell themselves through effective marketing. With Google AdWords, the businesses are at liberty to advertise their content on search engine results, YouTube, Gmail, and other platforms as well. The Google AdWords are an auction space where the potential and needy businesses compete for the advertising place. There are pluralistic options inclusive of Cost-per-clicks as well as cost-per-thousands.


SEO stands for search engine optimisation, and it was developed to promise the better ranking of the content in the search engine results. The search engines include Google, Bing, and Yahoo, along with Firefox and Opera. To land at the top of the search engine result, the website needs to be search engine friendly as it checks two factors; user’s ease of use and readability of the website.
Now that you are aware of the basics of SEO and AdWords, we have devised some major differences in the table below;


Liable for all search engines
Free to use and implement
Requires endorsement of efforts to land at the top
ROI is difficult
Limited keywords


Liable for Google use
Paid plans
Appear  at the top by paying
Immediate results
Easy ROI
Unlimited keywords

No matter what anyone says, these two entities are devised to expand the marketing results and generate the optimal productivity for the business exposure. But how can we deduce a certain methodology that will prove profitable for the diverse business structures?

When we talk about the business websites, the difference with blogging websites is significant. The blogging websites can wait for the results; however, businesses need immediate results. For the immediate results, AdWords is an apt fit. Additionally, AdWords is paid, but if the campaigns provide optimal ROI, there is nothing to be considerate about.

On the other hand, once you start the AdWords journey, start SEO alongside as it might provide the results late, but the long-term factors will make it worth the efforts. You need to use these two tools as integration for the arsenal.