Once you are done setting up your WordPress website, you have to focus on increasing the views. There are a few things that you can do manually, but the rest of the things can be adjusted in the technical settings of your website.

Visiting other blogs

If your business revolves around blogging and you are at the beginning stage, visiting other people’s blogs, following them, leaving comments and feedback can make them come to your blog too. This is good when you’re just getting started and want to reach an audience from various countries. You can also provide links to other blogs in your posts to boost the SEO of your WordPress website.


Breadcrumbs are actually the category wise navigation you see in the form of arrows. By enabling breadcrumbs, categorisation and sub-categorisation become easier for search engines to detect. Breadcrumbs are included both in SERPs and on the top of the web page, making it easier for the user to travel to and from the main page or category.

Adding appropriate tags

Use tags in all your posts and include tags with hashtags in the alt text part of all the images that go on your WordPress website. If your blog includes tech products, then use technology, gadgets or define the niche you are in for more visibility.

Displaying your website on Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs)

For your WordPress website to perform well on search engine pages, you need to provide all information. This usually consists of just two things done effectively: one is the title of the post, while the other is the description of the post. Descriptions are usually two to three sentences to give your visitor a quick idea of what they can expect from the particular web page.

Plugins for headline testing

Search engines have the power to detect well-structured content and headlines. You can use a plugin like Title Split Testing for WordPress. With the help of this plugin, you can generate at least two headlines or even more. The headlines are then given to visitors randomly, and the one with the most clicks can help increase the views on your website.

Enable social media sharing

Share your blog on your profile and enable social media sharing plug-ins and widgets on all posts of your WordPress website. This will create a chain of viewers coming in from social media, as it will make it easier for visitors to share with a single click.

Re-share posts from the archive

You can include links to older articles and posts in your new posts. Other than that, you can also share extremely old posts on social media.

The above strategies are the easiest to apply to increase the views on your WordPress website. However, there is always room for advancement and you may require SEO specialists to deal with the advanced features and strategies, that’s where Ben and his digital marketing expertise comes in!