It has become critical to stand out in this digital world. Using Google My Business can give you an edge because Google is the most used search engine in the world. The features of Google Business enable to reach a wider audience and gain more customers within a matter of minutes, or even seconds.

Below are a few things that you should set up for your Google My Business account to increase engagement.

Google maps

A prominent feature of Google that is being used all over the world for businesses and other purposes alike. Using a Google My Business account, you will also be included in Google Maps. To ensure your customers reach you without any hassles, perform a check on the location of your business on Google maps.

If you don’t have a physical shop or business address, then you can mention that. A lot of businesses are from home these days, and you don’t want someone coming to your home address to buy dog treats or a smelly candle. Instead provide a website link.

If you do provide an address, ensure you only provide one and stay away from the virtual offices. These shows up against your business name and multiple addresses or a fake office can leave customers confused, especially customers engaging your services or products for the first time.

Using google analytics with google my business

Using Google My Business can help you land in the top search results. Another tool that you get via Google Business is analytics. The analytics part helps you to manage both organic as well as paid marketing campaigns. It helps you decide whether your current campaign is working or not. It also helps you understand the ingoing and outgoing traffic on your website, which is important to monitor.

Providing customer interaction

Make sure to provide all necessary details of your product or service. Give them reviews directly from your own Google My Business setup rather than them having to look up or rely on secondary sources. The necessary information you should be providing is as follows:
  • Business hours
  • Contact details: email, phone number, fax– all the ways that a customer can contact you
  • Your status– closed, open, temporarily closed, a notification if a sudden holiday comes in between, etc.

This makes more sense as we are living in the times of a pandemic, but will also help if you go on holidays or just need a break 🙂

All the above information that you share would have good rankings on Google due to using Google My Business. Your business will appear with all the necessary information in Google’s search results, whenever a prospective or returning customer looks up.

Building customer trust

A Google My Business account lets you keep customers informed. Customers are 70% more likely to visit businesses that have an active Google My Business listing, and businesses that have complete listings are trusted 200% more than businesses that have only half the information for customers to look at.

Make sure all of your Google My Business details are filled in!


Developing customer trust and confidence is important to retain them for your products or services. If you set up your Google My Business account and maintain it, the probability of customers buying your product or service increases by 29% and for them to visit your store, by 38%.

Hence, ensure you regularly maintain your Google My Business account by asking your customers to leave reviews and share them on their social media accounts, which is the fastest way to spread the word about your business.


If you have a lot to manage, then you can also use the SEO services that fun/serious provides as part of the digital marketing offering, that will help your business to flourish.