With the advent of social media and its constant use by the organizations, many professionals bid their farewells to email marketing. However, many people who think that email marketing doesn’t work anymore, must understand that it isn’t because of the tool being email, but because of the ineffective contents within the email that fail to grab the recipients’ attention.

In fact, 51% of the marketers say that the success of email marketing is limited due to insufficient information about the recipients.

On the other hand, 78% of the email subscribers cancel the subscription because they receive excessive email. For this reason, it’s important to reduce the email count and skip on bombarding people with irrelevant information. Honestly, email marketing is loaded with benefits when used the right way.

Within this article, I’ll share 5 ways how email marketing makes a promising choice for businesses, including yours!

1. Improve sales

Some marketers who implement email campaigns have improved their revenue by up to 760%, and various studies have backed the fact. In addition, the email campaigns are 40x more effective and successful as compared to Twitter and Facebook marketing. Having said that, email marketing has the capacity to increase sales, but it also takes leverage over other channels. It’s needless to say that social media marketing is critical for maintaining proper customer-oriented relationships and creates a way for reaching out to potential customers. Imagine your online marketing is your business, if a customer is following you on social media, they are walking past your business, looking in through the window, but when they sign up for the email list, they are in your shop or office, you have their attention.

2. Higher traffic generation

The email campaign with a well-curated CTA which allows the readers to open your website and will help you generate more traffic. Similarly, higher traffic demands you to keep the audience engaged for a longer time as it’s important for improving Google ranking and SEO. Also, the higher website ranking promises higher sales generation. Also, also, you get to track these links, you know who, and where they are coming from, which leads us to…

3. Improved leads

Email marketing is a promising way of increasing sales, but it has an equal capacity of bringing in more leads. The email campaigns can actually nurture the leads by adding more value before they make an investment. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that email marketing is a bigger part of the puzzle that can transform the business from outbound marketing to inbound marketing, promising better engagement by the audience and guided purchases.

4. Cost-effective

Conventionally, a business opt for mailing, photoshoots, and hiring multiple people for different jobs. However, with email campaigns, you’re able to put everything together and can send it out to your customers, promising cost-efficiency.

If it is a little bit more complicated than you first thought, you can get fun/serious to organise it all for you, for a budget conscious email marketing campaign.


5. Higher value for your customers

Whenever you are trying to provide value to the audience, it paves the way for repetitive customers. Having said that, done correctly, email marketing helps provide value to your customers, even if they don’t tap on any of your links.

To wrap up

To summarise, email marketing is still worth it as long as you stick to humanised ways of capturing your audience’s attention. In simpler words, when your audience gives you their email address, they want something in return. So, start providing value, and email marketing will be worth it!

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