Whether you are an expert or just hopped on email marketing, you obviously want to send out the best emails and curate the email marketing campaign that drives results. So, if you want to master the art of email campaigns, here are some best practices that you should follow in 2022!

The welcome email

This is the most effective message that you can possibly send to your customers. According to research, the open rates are soaring over 80%, while the click-through rates are stuck around 22% to 25%. With the welcome emails, the email deliverability will be optimised, and the email list will be clean. So, it helps the email recipients feel like they are welcomed, their signup was successful, and the desired information will be shared with them. Welcome emails are a great way for businesses to connect with the new subscribers, but if you want to get those click-through rates, you’ll need to add something exclusive.

Time your campaigns

Timing is everything. Just ask any comedian, and song writer, any email marketer… It’s evident that every email marketer wants their newsletter to appear on top of the email inbox because that increases the chances of your audience picking up your email. So, what’s the right time to send out the emails? According to the latest research, the best email time varies with the business niche, industry, location, and target audience. it’s better to invest in a send-time optimisation tool/algorithm as they help send out emails based on customers’ previous behaviors. As a general rule of thumb, send your emails in the morning as everyone checks their emails right after waking up!

The right frequency

Now that you know the importance of sending the emails at the right time, you need to understand how often the emails should be sent (it’s tricky, of course). According to research, the email marketers who send out one newsletter in a week have the highest click-through and email opening rate. Also, do you know 49% of the businesses send one newsletter a week? So, it’s time to get in the cue, send one newsletter a week (at most!), and maximize the returns on investment. Bear in mind, this will only work if you have something to say.

Deploying email deliverability

Email deliverability is a crucial factor in ensuring the campaign is successful. Irrespective of how captivating the emails are, it won’t convert if your subscribers aren’t opening them. So, if you want to ensure that email is seen by the customers, make sure the email addresses are verified (you can simply use an email checker) as it helps ensure that email addresses are valid. Remember, email deliverability is directly impacted by email frequency and content, so keep everything in sync.

Make your name memorable

The first impression is the last impression, and that fits the bill for email marketing. If your email isn’t standing out, the subscribers won’t bother opening the email. Having said that, if they keep ignoring emails, your email campaigns are simply meaningless. So, start paying attention to the sender’s name and make it a brand. Make sure that the sender’s name is memorable and add some spice to the subject line as well.

To wrap up

So, go on, let’s send some emails!