Email campaigns have become the ultimate method for businesses to make important business announcements and share the news of new product launch. However, do you know that 112.5 billion business emails are sent every day through the internet, so how will you put your emails apart?

How will you get people in the habit of reading your emails? Well, you can read below to find out!

Short & sweet

According to the user analysis reports, the messages ranging from 50 words to 125 words are highly likely to get the most replies, and their response rate is more than 50%. It’s better to keep the emails within three lines, because if it needs to go any further, it better be made into a call. Also, you don’t need to make your signature hundreds of words long, so keep everything short and sweet.

Be aware of the time

According to the Boomerang analysis, the messages that are sent during lunchtime and at the beginning of work hours will promise the highest response rates. This is because people tend to check their emails when they arrive at their desks. So, if you’ve to send an email, make sure it’s sent early in the morning to ensure it yields the most effective results. Also, never send emails in the evening – even if you get time to write the email at such time, schedule them for later. In fact, Gmail has a plugin available that allows you to schedule the emails, promising on-time email sending while achieving the best productivity standards.

Start sitting on your email

Many of us get anxious when we receive an email but don’t send a reply. Having said that, you need to stop replying to the emails immediately and start sitting on the emails. When you take time to understand the email, you will be able to connect the dots, form your thoughts, and have better communication. Moreover, you will get the time to craft a compelling message that conveys your thoughts (it actually reduces the chances of additional emails to send information that you earlier forgot). So, just take a few minutes (or hours)!

Be expressive

Showing a bit of emotion is another way of increasing the email response rate. Honestly, we spend hours ensuring that emails look intricate and on-point, but they end up becoming boring. So, stop being neutral and start being expressive. It’s obvious that you cannot add personals in the email, but using expressive and emotional words will do the trick.

Is email the only answer?

Emails are for supporting your work, but they aren’t your entire work. For this reason, it’s important to understand that email doesn’t become a nuisance, and if you keep focusing on long-chain emails, it’s your cue to invest in different ways of communication. For instance, you can start communicating via phone or implement a project management system. But hey, you can always use email to send important details, right?