Building and designing a landing page can be speciously convenient. One can simply use drag-and-drop builder to publish professional content without needing a developer.

However, going in without any inspiration is not recommended, so why don’t you follow some landing page best practices? With this article, we are sharing the top things you should do to get your landing page to convert. So get your creative mind ready!

Align your messaging with ads

In the majority of cases, people use a landing page to ensure they are sending out the right message and aligns with the ad messaging. So, while designing the landing page, make sure that it looks familiar to what you are advertising through social media platforms. For instance, if your ad included luxury real estate and the landing page has retirement condos, it’s going to put off your visitors. So, if your ads have multiple headlines, create a landing page for every headline to ensure compliance.

Keep your actions above ‘the fold’

With this, we mean that you need to keep the important information on the front part and on the upper half. While you are keeping the actions above, make sure the headlines are catchy and provide a unique sales proposition to the readers. Keep in mind that cramming the landing page with weird content isn’t going to help. So, add the CTA and make sure it’s visible on the top. Not to forget, keep the audiences’ screen resolution in mind and create the graphics accordingly.

Give strong directional cues

Short landing pages are pretty rare, but you can always add directional cues to add spark to these smaller landing pages. For instance, you can use pointers, animations, images, shapes, or simply write the copy that keeps the visitors reading and scrolling. You can also use directional cues to direct the customers to find the CTA. For this purpose, you can use contrasting and bold colours and make sure the buttons are easy to remember.

Show off the product or service

In particular, we are talking about showing off the product in action or in a real-life context. This is because it helps visitors visualise themselves using the product or service, which increases your chances of making a sale. Ranging from step-based animations to demo videos and photographs, you can simply add the visuals that help capture the visitor’s attention and maintain it. In fact, you can use the hero image section for this purpose.

Eliminate navigation

A well-designed landing page has a core focus on the conversion goal, which means having distractions will be the ultimate deal-breaker. So, make sure you don’t add unnecessary links on the landing page. In addition, you need to remove additional CTAs and site navigation.

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Add authenticity or social proof

Modern visitors are keen enough to identify the typical marketing tactics. So, no matter how amazing your offer is, adding the testimonials will add a factor of authenticity. But hey, make sure that the testimonials aren’t anonymous and have real people. In simpler words, the testimonials need to be humanised.