With so many web pages out there, it’s no wonder that competition has increased. And this increase is happening every second. Search engine optimisation helps your website in a way that it ranks amongst the top on Google. In today’s world, a website needs to be among the top rankings on the very first page of Google, as people hardly move past the first page.

Here are a few SEO basics that you MUST have to increase your Google ranking:

High-quality content

The structure of the content can automatically land you in the first few rankings. Paragraphs and bullet points help Google go through the content better. Prominent headings can make it easier for both Google to rank your website well, as well as for the reader to easily read your content.


Links, links, links. Don’t overdo them but don’t under-do them either. Good SEO practice is to know which links to include. For instance, if you include a lot of links of unreliable sources, then Google will not be impressed. The better the authenticity and reputation of the links, the greater the ranking in Google’s search engine index.

Here are a few common types of links:

  • /Internal Links: An internal backlink happens when you provide a link to some of your other webpages on your website. You can also provide a link to the same webpage on which you have provided the specific link.
  • 0External Links: External links are links that you put into the content of your website. These links link to other websites. Using these links may not be as valuable as incoming links, but they are important nonetheless. These are also known as outgoing links and the better and more popular they are, the greater your search engine rankings.
  • 'Incoming Links: This is the best links that one can get for their content. An incoming link means that an outside source and reputable website has provided a link to your website in their content. Also known as inbound links, getting a reputable source to link to your website can be tricky and might as well even take years.


Keywords need to be repeated in a manner that they don’t sound or look redundant at all. Keywords should also be used in headings. The best practice to use keywords in headings is to mix them with a combination of other words. In the body text, don’t use them Using general words is not recommended for headings especially, as it can lead to millions of results being generated when someone looks up for the niche or category of your webpage or website. The more specific the keywords, the greater the chance of increasing your Google ranking. For instance, if you provide a green t-shirt, you can become more specific by using a keyword that says ‘green t-shirt in Australia’ or ‘green cotton t-shirt’, and so on.

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