Blogging can be fun but that does not mean to post all the time. Social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter have their specific frequencies and prime times for posting, this also goes for blogging. However, this also depends upon the nature of your blog. If you are running a blog that is based on news and current affairs, it has to be updated not just daily, but for every news byte that you get. If your blog is about your products and services, then updating at least once a month is necessary, but you’d be wanting to update fortnightly to keep yourself relevant. Here are a few ways in which you can find out how often you need to update your blog:

Be clear about your business goals

Being clear about your business goals means defining your target audience and how much you want to achieve in a day, a week or a month. This will allow you to write the correct type of blogs too.

Sort out your resources

Writing too often will require more writers or more imagination and time for your blog. So if your blog is a news website or an ezine or any sort of blog that needs frequent updating, you will need more in the budget or a dedicated blog writer to facilitate the required blog postings.

Different types of content for different time slots

If your need is to post more often, then keep a variety of content on your website. For instance, you can make a guest blog post once in a while. Don’t overdo one type of post, not only will it get boring and repetitive, you can only really write so much about one topic before you end up repeating yourself.

Times and schedules may change

The days and times of your posting may be subject to change, depending upon how much traffic is coming to your website. To better understand this, keep an eye on your traffic logs regularly. If you are noticing that evening isn’t attracting many visitors, you might as well change your frequency and schedule toward the morning or afternoon.

Don’t post too frequently

Posting back to back on a single day does not necessarily mean that more visitors or views will come in. In some cases, having a lot of published posts does get in views, but this doesn’t have to be made every single day or too frequently, this will often translate to spam in the eyes of the all mighty Google.

To wrap up

In Conclusion, remember that how often you post should depend upon how many views you require and whether the views are increasing or not. To determine that, you need to regularly take notice of the number of unique visitors coming to your website.

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